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Given your need to send SMS and MMS blasts and the fact that I’ll be assisting you with the coding part, here’s how you could answer Twilio’s questions:

  1. Which Twilio product are you here to use?
    • Answer: SMS
    • Reason: You specifically mentioned SMS and MMS.
  2. What do you plan to build with Twilio?
    • Answer: Alerts & Notifications
    • Reason: Your primary use-case is sending out text blasts, which falls under Alerts & Notifications.
  3. How do you want to build with Twilio?
    • Answer: With code
    • Reason: Since you want custom functionality and I’ll assist you with the coding part, selecting “With code” will give you the most flexibility.
  4. What is your preferred coding language?
    • This depends on what you’re comfortable with or what your existing system uses. Common options include Python, Node.js, and PHP. You can select PHP since WordPress is built on it, making it easier to integrate with your existing website.
  5. Would you like Twilio to host your code?
    • Answer: No, I want to use my own hosting service
    • Reason: Given that you’re already working with WordPress, you likely have your own hosting solution. Integrating the Twilio code with your existing setup would be easier if it’s all on the same server.

Answering these questions this way should set you up well for implementing SMS/MMS blasts with the assistance of code and aligns well with your existing WordPress setup.

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